Thursday, December 29, 2016


                                                                      VICIOUS by LJ Shen 

Holy mother of Hotness.
Baron Vicious Spencer.. say Barrrrron. Its a clit-throbber of a name. And is he steaming hot...
And an Asshole . Like not the redeemable kinds. No sirreee.. he's a Bona-fide," take your heart and crush it under his foot " "Ruin your life" badass. He puts all the other Bad Boys to shame. His gang of Hot Holes jesse, Trent and Dean are cohorts too. .and their target --- sweet , peacock eyed Wispy blonde girl , Emilia LeBlanc. She's the daughter of a couple who work as housekeeper and Groundsman, so technically she's the Help. And that's how Vicious treats her. He demeans her, bullies her and tortures her in every way possible, making her life miserable. The ultimate wound- he tears her away from her family and throws her into the Big Bad world to survive with no tether or anchor.

“I’m just not sure how you can be both nice and compassionate and a terrible asshole all at the same time,” I muttered. He smiled. “It’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it.” 

What a remarkable story.
What a vengeful character Vicious is. Poisoned to his toenails, spreading Hate, venom and misery .

The hunter was always more calculated and in charge. And then there was me, flailing around like the helpless prey.

Is he justified.....I'll let you decide.
But I loved the fact that he didn't change overnight or spout long ass essays of love.
No ma'am. He's the kinds who can't muzzle his filthy, cruel mouth or stop choking the life out of people who've wronged him. 
Loved the book to its last word and full stop !!
Very very smart writing, I hated going to sleep last night and stop reading. I thought about it the moment I stepped away from it
Unputdownable read and 5 gigantic stars !!

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