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[New Release ,Giveaway & Review] Drawn To Him : The Romance Anthology

Title: Drawn to Him: A Romance Collection
Authors: A. Zavarelli, Jade West,
Isabella Starling, K. Webster, K.L. Kreig,
L.J. Shen, M. Never & Willow Winters
Genre: Romance Anthology/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 19, 2017


There are some men who make you helpless. 

You know the kind.  They steal the breath from your lungs and make your heart beat a little faster with a single look.  You can’t stop staring, but the moment they pin those gorgeous eyes on you, you’re done for. 

The kind that’s too hard to resist.

This is a collection of men just like that. 

Handsome, confident and all for you.

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Malfeasance by k webster 
4 Your Honour Stars
Dorian is hiding but is "found" by Max . The problem is Max is the one who let go Carson Jennings , the guy Dorian is running from. So it's only natural that he should Be the one to protect her. And in the process fall in love
The sex is again off the charts hot. There's something forbidden yet so tempting and Webster is a damn near expert on Daddyesque figures having vag splitting sex with nubile young'uns. You can count on her to deliver it expertly. She doesn't disappoint here too

The Billionaires Beginning by MNever author 
5 Jersey Shore/Conch Fritter Stars 
M creates men who  linger in your mind like real people. Whenever I go to jersey shore I'm inadvertently looking for Trinity or catch a glimpse of shane and chase. To Add to her repertoire is Ty , her latest figment, only he breathes true to me .
What I'd give to camp in her brain !!!
Ty Winters meets Simone Travers , and rest as they say is history !
Like Montagues and Capulets history...
Oh jeez.. you're gonna break my heart aren't you M!!!

Every appendage attached to my body throbs

Why can't I have a Ty in my life. He loves so ardently, obsessively and powerfully. The connection between Ty and Simone is of a heart & soul . 

I'll be the man who leaves a mark, not a scar ! O.M.G 

He is ruthless, but he's not an asshole , he does have a heart. As big as the Atlantic, just doesn't advertise it much. I LOVED his powerful stance, his soft heart and his hard AF dick!!**sigh**

Doctor Dreamy by LJ shen 
4.5 Creepy Dildo stars

The Doctor That Could and he did !! **gasp**
Rhys Mathews is an actual,  living, breathing Doctor McDreamy...too bad he's also  Douchebag M.D.
in fact his ex -Dr Stacey Lerer is in the same pediatrics office as him, few feet away and at logger heads. 

These two are clearly made for each other. A love story made by the Devil

When they are both look-murdering each other, guess who gets stuck in the middle . Yup, silicon hand owner - Savannah Martin. The pretty,  strawberry blonde Carbie , rainbow coloured clothes adorned receptionist.

My mug and and silicon hand the only things standing between us as barriers, but our eyes say war .
" what in the goddamn world is this creepy dildo doing here ?!!"

And she's infatuated 

I'm shamelessly snorting him like he is twenty grams of Colombian cocaine
 "He's twelve out of ten, as my damp underwear can testify
He's a carnivore, and I  want him to feast on me.  I want this beast to lick his plate dry  "

The sex is omg really filthy hot , I mean for a paediatrician....on the table, against the door, in his house 😍😍😍😍

"We're going  to write your romance book together and Fuck, it's going to be filthy hot"

 "Bite the pillow if it's too much . Say Doctor if anal is your hard limit.
Let our game begin . Three. Two. One"
" you're no Prince charming!
Of course I am. And you're about to suck my crown"

What a burning hot morsel of a sexy love story. I thoroughly enjoyed it 
I swear when he smirks a demon gets his wings !

Bad Cop by A. Zavarelli 
4 second chance  stars
Ginger Duke returns as a prodigal daughter to her home town of oak Ridge and she runs right into her childhood sweetheart Sheriff Justice Gray. He's frosty, the whole town's frosty , her mom's frosty and there's somebody determined to scare her away. She's stalked, vandalised and ultimately threatened . It's an intriguing story , missing a few background details , but still good story 

One Night by K L krieg
5 Musical Stars
Saine  meets a mysterious, bearded stranger in a bar and takes a chance at healing from a  Betrayal she just suffered. Their no strings attached, one night stand is explosive and remarkable like defiance and sunshine after a heavy summer downpour

Their sexual connection is powerful and breath-stealing.
But it can't be more than just a reprieve so she can breathe  without the pain of betrayal pinching her 

some say a hummingbird represents a spirit sent to help those in need. What is it you need right now , beautiful one ?

She wants to feel loved and wanted for a change and the stranger is hanging by a thread, wanting some connection to climb out of his despair. Fate brings them together and they anchor each other 
Beautiful story full of 


She sings in his club and soon the melody binds them together 
Amazing story .

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