Friday, January 20, 2017

🎭Book Reviews CIRQUE Act 2~Ashleigh Giannoccaro 🎭

CIRQUE Act 2A.Giannoccoro 

Clowns are generally people's worst nightmares. But Ashleigh created Sivan and I fell in love with him.
He's a man with secrets. A rugby player and construction businessman by day , at night though , his inner clown comes out to play . He has dimensions to his personalities that are buried under each other . His struggle to Be and to Become is very heartbreaking. It's like he wants to be two people at the same time. Be in two places at the same time . He can't abandon his true self but he wants to be better for Imogene too .

I realize that I have no magic. I have a disease.

Who wins ~ the one he craves the most ! 
Imogene Masters has circus inside of her and no matter how far she runs or how far her Dad takes her away, she's trapped in the Circus by her heart and soul. She and Sivan end up in his Dreamland which, for her, is her worst Nightmare . 
Same place, different perspective . What started out as a potential live story in book 1 , goes darker and deeper in book 2. Sivan accepts his inner Clown and wants Imogene to accept too, but she's still scared , still hates the clown . As is , the Ringmaster comes to the rescue. It's his job to keep Performers and Animals in check. He takes control and directs his artists to perform and train their inner animals and inner performers. 

We all get to play the fool occasionally , Sivan, each of us has a clown inside somewhere. But, we have other faces too.”

The end is very cathartic. Imo helps Sivan finds peace by creating a new persona . One that won't hurt them both but let them exist in peace in a buffer zone , so to speak. I loved the story. It's very very unusual . You have to read it carefully so that you don't miss the pain that exists in the story. That's the backbone. It stretches and bends but the pain is there , in physicality and in the tortured souls !
I've never read anything so solely focused on Circus or clowns before , and I must say, it's not scary . It's a dark theme , but handled very well . Very well written , very well described and doesn't sag or go awry. 
Perfect !

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