Review 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

                                                            Whispers and Roars 
                                                               By Kristi Webster 

Honestly , I'm feeling inadequate with my words. This mind blowing book is the BEST work of Kristi as yet. And after Gabe, War, Hannah, Benny,....that's saying something!
Nobody writes Mind altering Labyrinths as Kristi does.
Here too Kady is a lost child, lost in the darkness in the folds of her mind. She falls through the cracks of her own brain and is so messed up that only unconditional, all accepting love of Yeo can save her.
But Bones loves her too. This "Terrible Three" are fighting their own battles while trying to protect and save KadyDid.
I visualized them three pieces of a broken heart. They might fit and make it whole again.....who knows! But both are fighting for Kady. Sometimes with each other, sometimes together.
My heart roars with happiness. And my mind whispers.
Love Whispers and Terror Roars .
This is Kristi's most mature piece of writing , in my opinion . I was so scared to unfold these characters, cause they were so fragile, they literally were crumbling in my hands.
What a sensitive story, handled with care and kid gloves.
I fell in love with Bones !
Simply Outstanding!!!


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