Saturday, September 2, 2017

[New Release , Giveaway & Reviews] COMPLICATED HEARTS 2 by Ashley Jade

Title: Complicated Hearts: Part 2
Series: Complicated Hearts Duet
Author: Ashley Jade
Genre: New Adult/Erotica/Menage
Release Date: August 31, 2017

Things are going to get...complicated. 

This is Book two (the final book) of the Complicated Hearts Duet. Book one must be read first.
Warning: This book is not for everyone. These characters are flawed and the situation is intense and frustrating. Emotions—all of them—run high. If you're looking for perfect characters and a perfect story...this book isn't for you. 
Trigger Warning:
This story is strange and unconventional. It's everything you hate. That's the only warning I can offer you.

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I'm a lover of romance, erotica, dark romance, oxford comma's, the em dash, peanut butter on my cookies and anything thought provoking...except for math. 

I've always read books growing up and after having a strange dream one night; I decided to just go for it and publish my first series. 
Little did I know, I would end up falling head over heels in love with writing and it would own and soothe my soul. 
If I'm not paying off student loan debt, working, or writing a novel—you can usually find me listening to music and pondering the meaning of life. 
Check my amazon page and Facebook page for future novels. I recently became hip and joined Twitter, so you can find me there, too.  I love connecting with my fans—you are my world. 



Desperate situations require Desperate Measures. This highly anticipated read of 2017 was much needed to provide a closure to the readers left hanging by book 1. Ashley doesn't dissappoint in this section of the story. The Queen of Angst lives up to her reputation if creating an epic fuckfest , which i really enjoyed.
Breslin is still stuck between Asher and Landon. Her heart conflicted and twisted. No idea how she will solve this puzzle of her life. 

" That's the thing about falling... Sooner or later you're bound to hit something. And there's no way of knowing what the damage from the impact will be until it happens. And there are some falls—you just can't recover from."

The damage is already done , all three suffer heartache and anguish . None of them left untouched.
The story has many twists and turns. There's a parallel story of kit and becca and preston too. 
The feels are major .you go from crying and hollering to weeping and sniffling, all in one book.
It's an emotional rollercoaster and you'll love every minute of it. 

"I'm gonna love you harder than anyone ever has before,” he shouts above the rain. “The only thing you have to do is let me.”
“We're gonna go down in flames,” I argue. He leans in. “Then let's make one hell of an explosion.”

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