Monday, January 30, 2017

{Book Review} BET ME: Lila Monroe

Title: Bet Me

Author: Lila Monroe

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: January 27, 2017


What happens when your sex strike goes viral -- and suddenly every man in town has their eye on your prize? 

All I wanted was little old-fashioned romance. After a parade of Tinder disasters who think chivalry is giving me a pearl necklace on the first date, I made a pledge: until guys step up their game, this girl is off the market.

But one bottle of chardonnay later, and my drunken rant has gone viral. I’m the most famous person NOT having sex since the Jonas Brothers put on their purity rings. A men’s magazine has even put a bounty on my (ahem) maidenhead: fifty Gs to whoever makes me break the drought. 

Be careful what you wish for...

Now my office looks like an explosion in a Hallmark factory, I’ve got guys lining up to sweep me off my feet - and the one man I want is most definitely off-limits. Jake Weston is a player through and through. He’s also the only one who sees through the mayhem to the real me, but how can I trust he’s not just out to claim the glory? 

And how will I make it through the strike without scratching the itch - especially when that itch looks so damn good out of his suit? 

The thrill of the chaste has never been so sexy in Lila Monroe’s hilarious, hot new romantic read!







We've all been there - boring dates, disaster dates , awkward dates, horrible dates, escape worthy dates. Lizzie Evans is sick and tired of all of them . 
“I mean, we order up dates now the way we order in Chinese food, for fuck’s sake! At least with a vibrator, you know exactly what you’re getting, Sure, they won’t cuddle, but they don’t use your chest for target practice, either.”
So what does she do , one night after a disastrous date and drunk out of her mind, she posts a video , of her drunken dates travails. Now instead of going to her sister's , it mistakenly goes live on YouTube. She becomes famous or Infamous , if you please , and then the situation just snowballs . And more women get inspired and join in.

 ALL IT TAKES IS a couple of weeks —and one viral video— and my life is suddenly way out of control. 
The problem begins when Women join in .....and MEN TOO! 
It becomes a leverage manipulative tool to get what they want. So now Lizzie becomes obligated to continue and be an icon for Women power!! Rah! Rah! 
He says there’s no reason the strike should be just for women, and that men get taken for granted all the time, too. So now he says he won’t fuck me until I shape up.
Why don’t you cut off her credit cards until she ponies it up? That should teach her a lesson. No pussy, no Gucci.”
And then there's the biggest Distraction of them all -Jake Weston . He's a Walking-Talking sex on a stick , in her periphery , just like a ripe apple in the Garden Of Eden . Tempting her and luring her in .
But they HATE each other. Like choke each other ,ready to strangle, hate . 

There's a thin line between love and hate ,Usually, it’s a barbed wire border,

Situations develop, things happen, a bounty is out on her strike ender and she gets inundated with Hallmark style wooing and courtship. 
It's a hilarious story, written very well and I had lots of fun reading this book. My first by Lila, I couldn't put it down.
It got very predictable and cheesy at times, but then RomComs are not my Forte. Please read this fun, light, sexy read and laugh aloud :)

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