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🏒 Book Review- The Neighbourhood 🏒



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Things a bad neighbor can do to you:

1. Have loud parties late at night

2. Refuse to mow his lawn

3. Steal your newspapers

4. Rip your heart out and walk all over it

Katya Tocci is willing to admit that she may have bitten off more than she could chew.

Liam Edenhoff showed her a side of life she'd been missing out on - sex and friendship and tacos. But then he betrayed her.

Wulfric Stone taught her that big surprises can come from unexpected places - like from a surly, aggressive, withdrawn bastard. But then he broke her heart.

Now one of them wants forgiveness, and the other wants forever. And Katya? She just wants to forget.

Who knew neighbors could be so difficult?

This story contains scenes of a graphic sexual nature, multiple uses of coarse language, and quite possibly enough confusion to drive a normal person insane. Reader discretion is advised



The book is essentially a turn-the-corner phase in Katya Tocci’s life. She’s had her Heart broken…….no completely shattered by the two most handsome, awesome men in her life . Wulfric Stone and Liam Edenhoff . She unfortunately fell in love with both of them and got betrayed by both of them !

In this second part of the continuation, she tries to focus on herself. What she wants , what she deserves and what she feels good doing. We see her heart oscillate between the two and her Indecisiveness cause pain and heartache all around. Now this part may irk some readers , because she appears strong and foolish at the same time. But that’s want life is -a battle between Heart and Mind , Wants and Needs. Very beautifully articulated in this story. The first half is very witty, the banter shows Katya showing teeth , Liam is apologetic and genuinely sorry. He’s there for her and tries to weasel his way in her heart , but gets Friendzoned pretty firmly.

“She didn’t want to be new-Katya or old-Katya or bitter-vengeful-bitch-Katya – she just wanted to be Katya, plain and simple. She would have to learn how, and she couldn’t do that when she was caught up in all the drama they’d created.”

Wulfric on the other hand has a more tougher time apologizing. Come to think if it , he doesn’t blatantly say he’s sorry. But he willingly tries to be Nicer ! As much as his starchy , stoic self allows. He remains brusque and hard , but in his defence, he does nice things for her. 

With both men vying for her attention and re-entry into her good graces, you’d think it would be a piece of cake.. wrong ! Katya is hell bent on making them eat the Bitter humble pie and enjoy it too ! 

Torture was fun, Katya decided. Getting to see Wulf and Liam squirm and fidget and generally be as uncomfortable as possible was the best thing ever. It trust is something that happens overnight. That trust should be given the first time you meet someone, and then it gets chipped away at with every mistake they make. No. Trust isn’t something that’s gained OR rebuilt over night.did wonders to ease the pain that still sat in her chest.

The story evolves and unfolds with all three tied up with each other emotionally and they are literally banging their hearts together, it becomes a game of “who’s better” after some time and Katya who’s supposed to be the wronged one, gets crushed again between the two . There’s threeway a tug-of-war and no one’s the winner. 

"Everything was just a chance to prove himself. Sleep with a lot of women – proves he’s a real man. Beat someone at a game – proves that he’s a better man.”

Here emerges the true Victor and I’m completely floored . The characters are so beautifully written and the dialogue and interaction so crisp and witty, I didn’t lose interest even once. A perfect ending to a fantastic story.

Ultimately the wisdom of the elders comes to the rescue 

“trust is something that happens overnight. That trust should be given the first time you meet someone, and then it gets chipped away at with every mistake they make. No. Trust isn’t something that’s gained OR rebuilt over night.If you truly care about someone, then it takes work. Hard, tough, difficult, and sometimes just plain god awful work. Your mistake isn’t thinking you can’t forgive him , because clearly, you already have. Your mistake is thinking that forgiving someone automatically takes away all the hard work that goes into the relationship. You think saying ‘I’m sorry’ should magically make the hurt and heartache go away. Well , it doesn’t – ‘I’m sorry’ are just the first two words at the very beginning of a lot of conversations and a very long road of work. Welcome to love, sweetie.”

I once was a girl like Katya and I once knew a guy like Liam 

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