Friday, December 30, 2016

☇☇MAD GIRL Review ☇☇

                                                                Mad Girl by A.A.Dark 
                                                                  Alaska Angelini
                                                                        My Review 
Its an all out quarrel between Anna Monroe and Annalise Fowler. They're both same person , different facets. Her mother made her into a monster and then No one just fed that monster. What a mad talent Alaska is . The vehemence of violence in the story stunned my mind. It's gory, gross, Bloody and grisly. So prepare to be head bricked!! 
It's actually a battle between two monsters and Anna is caught in between. NO ONE and Annalise, let's see who'll win. The writing is very vivid and detailed. Plot is slick like blood covered floor, characters completely Black and White. No Grey area here !!!
I'm gonna be following The Bloody Adventures Of The Nancy Drew Killer for sure !!

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