Saturday, April 8, 2017


Mara White & Katie Ferrari Larsen 



Ryan Walters and Jackie Bowen became instantaneous friends during their wild and free years of college. He, the rugged, yet all American football player from a stable family fell hard for Jackie, the exuberant, spontaneous girl from a broken home who lived and loved life to the fullest. Too young to commit and wary of damaging the unique bond they shared, the friends to lovers make a pact promising to find one another again at the age of thirty and marry—if not already committed.

Years apart, after much growth and change, the two best friends seek one another out. In college, neither Jackie or Ryan could possibly know that every relationship to come would fall short of the one they’d shared together all those years ago.

When the two meet again, love and chemistry soar beyond their wildest dreams and they agree to make good on their promise. But a second chance at love can be fickle and fleeting. 

The Marriage Pact is a story about letting go and loving with your whole heart no matter the circumstance—or how much it hurts.

​The Marriage Pact, the second book in The Viral Series following Missed Connection, by romance authors K. Larsen and Mara White is based on a heartbreaking viral Reddit post. Each book is a stand alone novel.


The Day Mara White and Katie Ferrari Larsen decided to write together, is the day I bought shares in Kleenex. And boy I alone can push their sales up.
The story with scoop your guts with a dull spoon, it's that sweet and heartbreaking 

Ryan Walters and Jackie Bowen meet in University of Wisconsin , and they literally fall in love at that exact moment he spots her in Starbucks line , cursing other customers out loudly ( like I'm cursing Katie and Mara now !!!) . They just don't know it yet !! He wants her exclusively, she's afraid of any emotions 

Jackie loved sex , she even loved to cuddle, but she would avoid the depth, any of the emotional parts. Sometimes, it felt to Ryan like he was trying to catch a slippery fish with his bare hands or a skittish cat in the backyard. You move, they retreat . You act passive they approach again. It was often mind -numbing, infuriating, hair-tearing frustrating, but Ryan couldn’t have let go, even if he’d wanted to. Jackie was a drug. His drug.
He wanted to crack open her hard outer shell and peer through translucent skin to see the blood in her veins, the fragile, tiny heartbeat.

And unexpected tragedy tears them apart, states apart ! 
Before going away, they make a Pact, if none of them find someone to settle down with anybody else, before they turned 30, they'd marry each other . 
The Pact is an invisible thread that ties their love together. 
It's a beautiful story , to give the two DEVILS their due. Completely slayed me...never even saw it coming!!
Like blind spot drivers, until they slam right into you and knock the wind out of you ....literally !!!
I hate both these brilliant authors and it may be awhile before I talk to both of them ever again 
Go read the book. Be gutted. Join me in cussing them out LOUD! 

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