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{Blog Tour & Review} AMERICAN PRINCE by Sierra Simone


American Prince, the highly-anticipated follow up to American Queen by Sierra Simone is available now!!


American Prince by Sierra Simone 

Publication Date: March 7th, 2017 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

I’ve been many things.
I’ve been a son and a stepbrother. An Army captain and a Vice President.
But only with Him am I a prince. His little prince.
Only with Maxen and Greer does my world make sense, only between them can I find peace from the demons that haunt me. But men like me aren’t made to be happy. We don’t deserve it. And I should have known a love as sharp as ours could cut both ways.
My name is Embry Moore and I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States…for now.
This is the story of an American Prince.


In an instant, he was on me, straddling my thighs, one hand yanking my head back so I had to look up into his face. “Don’t play games with me,” Ash warned in a low voice. “Not tonight. Not after what you did. You don’t even want to know the things I’m thinking about right now.” I could barely breathe. Pain sang out from my shoulder and hunger sang out from my thickening cock. I was at the mercy of a monster—in the hands of an angry god, as they say—and I’d never felt more alive. It was like kissing his boot, like that first moment I’d been shot at in the trees—the whole world came to life, the forest thrumming and the leaves rustling and my blood and heart all part of this incredible symphony of magic and music that was playing all the time, if only I had the ears to listen. Being with Ash was like my battle high, the fragility of life so apparent, the thrill of surviving it so exhilarating. Surviving him. “Take it,” I said, my fantasies from all those years ago coming back and making me stir underneath him. “What?” he asked quietly. “Take what you’re owed. Take what you deserve for saving my life.” His lips parted, his eyes hooded, and he pulled my head back even more, exposing my throat. “And what exactly do you owe me?” he asked. “What exactly do I deserve?” I met his eyes, which were almost black in the dark. “Whatever you want.” “What I want will have you flat on the ground with tears in your eyes. You think you want to give that to me?” “No.” I swallowed. “I want you to take it from me.” He went still. “Let me thank you,” I begged. “Let me make you feel better. Use me. Use me how you need.” “Oh, that’s what you want, is it?” he breathed. He leaned in, his thighs on my throbbing erection, and I felt his own, an iron bulge pressing into my stomach. It was massive. He’d tear me apart with it. “You won’t let me have you any other time, not with kisses or love letters, but when you’re bleeding and I’m furious, that’s when you’ll open yourself to me? That’s when I get to have this?” How could I make him understand? That it had to be like this? That I had to be conquered, not wooed?

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About the Author:

Sierra Simone is a former librarian who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk. She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City.

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Twitter: @TheSierraSimone
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"It's Better This Way"

5 mighty stars for the story , one giant star for Ash and one wounded star for Embry -7 stars !
This is the prècis and context of the story . In Four Words Sierra contrived the essence of this Arthurian Talent of Immortal Love . We saw in book one , how Maxen Ash Colchester marries Greer Galloway and makes her the American Queen. Yet in the sidelines, also stands Embry Moore. He's the Tragic Lancelot to Ash. Very much irrevocably in love with the Queen, and yet his heart sings for Ash. 
And the perfection is, Ash is deeply in love with Embry too and holds dear both Greer And Embry in his big heart 

“Do you think that you are any less important to me?” he asks roughly. 
“Do you think I can risk you, as well as her? Do you think that if you were caught I wouldn’t come after you too?”
“No. I won’t risk you, and as far as I’m concerned, both you and Greer belong to me. Your safety is my responsibility, as is your pleasure and your pain.” He says this last part so quietly that no one else can hear him. “I’m not worthy of the promises I made in this room, not worthy of what I take from the two of you, if I can’t protect you.”

It's a tragedy in the making because such complicated relationships can barely stand the test of time, jealousy and in this case, public image . Embry has a wounded psyche. He is self deprecating and scornful. Fate and Merlin seemed to have taken more from him than given. His mother, father, Morgan, his orientation , war and then Merlin. Ironically he voluntarily submits to be the sacrificial lamb who murders his love at the altar to please the Gods that save the World. Embry is the most developed character of this story because he can always see the larger canvas and his own role in it. 

“You’ve always had a death wish, Embry. It frightens me more than I can tell you.”
I was born without the parts that made people brave or pure or good. I knew that I was born without a conscience, or maybe a heart or a soul.
And even though it’s not productive to blame myself, the blame feels like an old, familiar cloak. I toss it over my shoulders and feel more settled somehow, more in control. The world makes sense again. It’s my fault. It’s always my fault.

He's an Empath to a certain degree I think, taking Ash & Greer's burden and pain upon himself and Feeling it. He Flays his heart for them, feeds off the scraps from their Love Table , just so that the pain in his heart would wash away his sins somehow. And he's aware of the sins he commits too, of breaking Ash's heart , breaking Green's heart and stabbing himself in the heart with Abilene Dagger. 

" I fight it. I struggle against it. I always struggle against it, actually. And then at the very end, when I’ve been broken, I feel it. The calm. The peace. The space Ash has carved out for me where there is no guilt, no self-loathing, no agony. Just the quiet and the love, his hand on the back of my neck and my tears drying on my face.
“Let me do the punishing,” he says, and oh God, yes please. Only at Ash’s feet can I feel like I’ve atoned for everything I’ve done wrong. Only under his merciless palm can I find mercy from my own thoughts."

Greer is the Regal and Sovereign in her personality , very much like Guinevere here. She submits to Ash at his feet , literally, but holds on to her stature too when in danger. 
She has not much to do in this part because her life course is charted and her choices pre-made , that comes with the territory of being the First Lady. And anyways she belongs to Ash who , I feel, holds her steady and maneuvers her life

" I’ve become one of those damsels in the legends that I teach about at Georgetown, one of those women in the stories who represents sex or virtue or deceit or any number of things to the gallant knight she’s entreating for help. To complain these women are passive is to miss the point; they aren’t women at all. They’re symbols, defined by the meaning the knights make of them, recognizable only as the role they play in the knight’s adventure. And right now, it’s hard not to feel a kinship with those cardboard characters. I’m in this trunk because of the meanings Melwas made about me, even because of the meanings the President and his Vice President have made about me. To Melwas, I’m a thing to be possessed; to Ash and Embry, I’m a living projection of their love and promises. In other words, I’m being moved around in a story that isn’t my own. "

See how beautiful the language is, it brings tears to my eyes ^^
And then there's Ash -Maxen Colchester . He's the Noblest of them all . On his broad shoulders rests the Onus of winning the war, protecting his men, training them, protecting Embry & Greer, running the country and dealing with potential threats. 
But where does that leave his own heart and free will ? Nowhere !
He's a Giant amidst Lilliputians . And Merlin, Greer and especially Embry are the closest of his Coterie who recognize his Godly Aura and arrange themselves in a way , to clear his path to conquer and rule the entire world. 

"It wasn’t even about age, now that I think about it. It was about time. He looked like a man from a different era, a man who should have been riding horses through thick forests, rescuing damsels and slaying dragons. 

This story is more about their internal Dynamics than the outside influences on their lives. 
Each scene is described in depth . What the characters are doing, what are they feeling and how they're behaving and why. That shows the acute understanding of complicated relationships that Sierra possesses and very lucidly communicates to us.
All the actors in this tragically fated story are moving down the slippery slope of unrequited love and we just watched helplessly. I so want to stop them yet rush them, applaud them yet flail them, egg them on yet retard their journey.
But even being in a Triangle , sierra doesn't let Ash become a mere cuckold or Greer a mere Adultress or Embry a Rascal Infidel. 
Not. At. All . In fact my heart breaks for them. I wanted them all to be happy in a Utopian world where they find peace and strength. 
The violent scene where Ash and Embry have the dreadful It's Better This Way Hateful love , just was too much for my heart to bear. 
There's a lot of heavy BDSM sex to clarify their dynamics, lots of tender sex that leaves you reeling, so many emotions flow through bringing more tears than joy. 
I have to mention here, all the sex scenes were a story unto themselves. There was a beginning , a process, the heavy emotions that either got uplifted or trampled, some tragic or romantic outcome and then the consequences. You could come out sated and plenished or heartbroken and dissipated because Sierra magically staged each and every sexual interaction as an independent subplot. Maybe it's just me who noticed it . You don't walk away from such Mythical and ancient Love unchanged. 
I was many a times so overwhelmed with so deep a love that flows through this story , that I had to take a crying break . The profoundly moving scenes are so finely worded, they bring the angst alive. 
The scene where Embry rescues Greer with his animalistic love . I was rallying for Embry and his brave attempt to unleash and restrain himself , all at the same time. What a fantastic scene. It shows so many emotions -Love, Retribution, rescue, violence, bravery and redemption
The scene where Ash and Embry are walking in Carpathia and Ash surprises Embry, you can feel the desperation and Courage of Embry. His heart and mind battling it out and I could see the sheer magnitude of his personality, even though he won't admit it.
The scene of Declaration of Love and a sensible understanding of sorts , that these characters reach to move together, so that no man is left behind . 
I fell in love with Ash's magnanimous , larger than life ,persona

"what person could resist having Captain Maxen Ashley Colchester in love with them? Really? Who could have done it?"

I am completely smitten by the placement of Embry and Greer in Ash's life and their connection to each other while submitting to him 

"And I know in that moment that Embry and I have something Ash can never have with either of us— which is, of course, the experience of being loved by him. Embry and I share a secret path, a secret knowledge, and the cause is Ash, but it exists outside of him too. It’s a living thing that binds Embry and I together, animated by whatever kinks and cul -de-sacs in our minds that make us the twisted, strange lovers we are.Contentment unfurls in me, a sense of safety, a deep well of love. And the sense of a secret uncovered, a hitherto hidden shore landed upon. Something that belongs to Embry and me alone."

See the maturity and sensibility shown in the handling of this unusual love , which could have blown up in their faces. Marvellous . Amazing. Talented !
I wish I could live in this book. Ash is my most admired character for his Godliness, Greer for her grace and stature but Embry Moore is the showstopper ! So complex, so noble yet so vulnerable . 

I wish I could mean as much to Ash as Greer or Embry . So wholly loved, cherished and treasured 

“I’m a better man with you and because of you. I want to be the only one who gets to squeeze and bruise you. I want to be the only one to hear you sigh in your sleep. I want mine to be the face you see when you wake up.”
"You're different in most ways, but the same in the most important way: how it feels right to me.”

I can't sing enough praises for this story, how beautiful and poignant it is
I insist that everyone read this series. 
There's a horrid twist which gives the last kick to the story , already teetering on the lip of a volcano. It'll explode so badly in book 3 , I'm presuming. The lives are turned upside down and I'm assuming there will be a battle of wills
I am reminded of an age old adage here - When the Giant Tuskers do battle ; it's the Lowly grass that gets trampled 
So I'm hoping and dreading at the same time about the ending of this tale. Who gets trampled and who gets sacrificed. I'd love to predict the favourable outcome but knowing Sierra, I'm sure it'll be Befitting and Appropriate.
I wish to read more about Merlin and his Omniscience . Where , why and how of his Life's motives.
Who gave him the authority and why does he move like a ghost throughout the story, moving characters like pieces on a chessboard. And ultimately who will be the one to take control of the reins in this Runaway Steed !

"It's NOT Better This Way" ....prove me wrong Sierra !

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