Tuesday, January 3, 2017

By:  A.A. Dark
5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


My mother was the Madison Ridge Killer … and I helped her. 

At nine, I was given a new start—a new life. My adoptive parents did everything they could to help me forget my past, and for a while, they succeeded. 

But I was never normal. I never truly forgot all I saw or did.

Now, twenty years later, I work in the billing department for a small city newspaper. And like decades before, not that far away, another serial killer is on the loose. I can still see her. I can still hear my mother coaxing me to slide the bright red lipstick over her beautiful victims' lips. 

But this isn’t her and I’m determined to figure out who it is. I may work behind the scenes at the Rockford Times, but I’m about to get thrown right in the middle of the biggest story our city has ever seen. 

My name is Anna Monroe and I’m full of secrets.

They say you’re not your past. I’m not so sure they’re right.

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My Review:

Well Hello Darkness!!  

**Just a warning, this book is totally Black and White…  No Grey matters here** 

You will be drawn in with zero questions asked about what is happening!!!  The details are there, bloody and gory with nothing left out.  An absolute page turner that leaves you wanting more when you finish. 

Although this is a standalone, it is part of a series.  You could stop after reading this BUT…why would you want to do that! 

Anna Monroe, her life started out on a murderous path.  Trained to do what her mother expected her to do.  Putting her lipstick on and acting out horrendous acts led by her mother.  Once she was older, she was adopted and changed her name to Anna Monroe.   Turning to Prayer, going to Church, leading the good 
Christian life that her adoptive parents required in order to “change” Anna. 

Detective Braden Casey has found his true love.  Someone who doesn’t care about the long hours he works, being late for dinner, missing out on Church service… There is a Serial Killer case he is working on when he meets Anna.  But when he meets Anna, he is more driven after seeing her the first time, to solve this case. 
The ride we go on with this story is Thrilling!  I definitely need the next book ASAP to find out more!!!  I Need More... I Want More!!!

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