Wednesday, March 29, 2017

{ New Release & Book Review} SIX TOY by JAMES CROW

Title: Six Toy 
Author: James Crow 
Genre: Erotic Romance 
Release Day March 29th

Moving in with Jonathon Gold was a whole new wonderful life. It felt like I’d been plucked from another dimension and dropped into a carnal nirvana, with endless rabbit holes of exploration just waiting for me to tumble down them. And gladly I tumbled – until I wanted more.
I wanted to be Head Girl, to service clients, especially when The Judge made enquiries for a day with a plaything. I thought I was strong enough. I thought I was on top of this newfound promiscuous game, but I was wrong.
Jonathon Gold had demons in his closet. Thing is, Jonathon’s closet turned out to be real, and if I really wanted to nail my man, really wanted to learn the art of the submissive and face The Judge and his perverted kinks, I’d have to live it first, in that sordid little room, and become Jonathon’s toy for a day without a squeak of complaint.
Then I’d face The Judge.
Giving is receiving, so Jonathon tells me.
I’m pretty sure I can do that.
Emma Jane brings bubbly brightness to my world. She’s sexy, gorgeous, naïve and vulnerable, and her enthusiasm for her new life lifts me, really lifts me. I love her, my dirty girl, and I know in my heart it’s a love that will last forever, but right now she’s a rookie, an over-confident rookie.
The best way for rookies to learn is to be thrown in at the deep end, is it not? And it couldn’t get any deeper than The Judge – a man-mountain of depravity.
The last time he visited, he took charge of the closet for a day of filthy debauchery, but the door to that seedy little hole has been locked for almost two years.
Demons await me in that room, and demons either need to be purged or danced with, don’t they?
If Emma wants more, she has to earn it. And earn it she will when I unlock that door.
Emma Jane must learn the art of the true submissive before she can become Head Girl, but Jonathon has demons to struggle with as he takes her down the steamy path to subservient bliss.

James Crow lives in the UK in a redbrick mansion, where the walls are tall, the basements deep, and where secrets aplenty are just waiting to be told. Watch this space.


Ok first of all,get a gigantic bottle of Peptol cuz , I will say that this book takes a toll on digestive system !!!!.
I want to be honest and say, this book breaks all barriers. Some very nasty ,filthy stuff goes on.
Jonathan is pretty much set with Emma Jane but she wants to compete with his ex wife. So they push their limits and test each other.
On the way Emma and Suki and Fiona and Jonathan do pretty much all the heavy BDSM stuff with some pretty gagworthy things thrown in
And yes the "Throne " is there and "The Closet"
There's a new invention - The chair of iniquity, Heather named it. An origami miracle of wood and metal. costing a cool Million quid.
And of course there's Judge Olu, a six-foot-six man-mountain of black muscle. His dick was like an arm, and down the back of it two rows of implants – My Jacob’s Ladder to Hades,
It's a good book from a good writer, just not for me . But please go ahead and read it and enjoy it

{ New Release & Book Review} GHOSTFACE KILLER by MNEVER AUTHOR

Title: Ghostface Killer 
Author: M. Never 
Genre: Dark Erotic Suspense

Once, I was nothing.
Hungry, abandoned, wandering, and alone. An adolescent street rat fighting for crumbs.
Then a chance encounter changed my entire world.
A man in an expensive suit asked me how much my life was worth.
I didn't have an answer, because I didn't know.
He asked if I thought it was worth killing for for.
Impulsively, I said yes...

He found me, then fostered me, and in the interim turned me into a killing machine. A modern day La Femme Nikita.

Now, I only have one mission. To avenge the death of the man who saved me.

There's an invisible war on the streets. Us against them. Family against family. Power against power.

They call me Ghostface Killer because they never see me coming.

I understand the weight of that danger.
The hazard.
The jeopardy.

Because now here I stand, three months pregnant with the barrel of a gun pressed to my head cause I never saw him coming...

“How much is your life worth? Is it worth enough to kill for?”
And thus Bastiano "Benny" Velona finds his protégé!! He changes young Stephanie "Stevie" James life , for better or for worse..... we don't know yet .
“You steal from me, I steal from you.”
She's molded into a silent killer ,a Ghost lurking in the shadows . Invisible . Lethal . Beautiful.
Her fate is pre-written at Benny's hands. She is an extension of his hand, a hand with a gun that is. A tool to be used whenever and however he wants. 
Till Benny is gone and she starts to take revenge, killing his killers one by one. 
In this journey she unexpectedly meets Benjamin "Baz" Sabatino. He's oh so sexy, bearded, rugged, and vulnerable. 
They are instantly attracted to each other. Their magnetic pull too strong to ignore. They don't know it yet , but their Insta-love will be going through the ultimate test of Bloodthirsty Loyalty of Familial Ties. Betrayals and Counter Betrayals threaten to tear them apart...and they do !!! 
The story takes many Twists and turns from here. You'd think you have it figured out, but it flips more often than not.
It's very sweet at times, very gruesome at times and Hot panty-Melting sexy ALL THE TIME !!
Grips you from the word go and never lets your concentration stray. Some very funny writing - Gaudy would be a good word for the décor, but we don’t want to insult anyone, so we’ll call it grandiose
I was so in love with Baz, so wanted to cuddle him and then ride his cock! He's the most beautiful of M's characters. 
Stevie is very complex and very broken - heart, body and soul. Yet she's so strong ! 
Fast and Furious page turner, highly recommended #BookBistroBlogApproved

M. Never resides in New York City. When she's not researching ways to tie up her characters in compromising positions, you can usually find her at the gym kicking the crap out of a punching bag, or eating at some new trendy restaurant.
She has a dependence on sushi and a fetish for boots. Fall is her favorite season.
She is surrounded by family and friends she wouldn't trade for the world and is a little in love with her readers. The more the merrier. So make sure to say hi!